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Packaging and Private Labels LLC, Ukraine is a leading manufacturer of value-added flexible packing products and services, offering superior quality, speed-to-market and a high level of technical expertise to assist you in developing the right packaging solution to meet your needs

Why we


High quality raw materials


Embrace the latest technology and innovation for a dynamic package that will showcase your product and increase sales!

Service and Quality

We differentiate ourselves by providing a high level of technical and personal service, and delivering top quality packaging solutions


We proudly hold certifications that show our dedication to supplying packaging that meets the most demanding industry standards

What we do

Packaging and Private Labels, LLC produce plastic materials for packaging and storage of products.

Polypropylene packaging is a versatile and practical modern version of the material intended for packaging, subsequent transportation and storage of various groups of goods (both food and household categories).

Polyethylene packaging deemed to be the most common plastic manufactured in the world. In the packaging industry, soft and pliable films are intended to package and store a large variety of products, raw materials and even waste.


What we offer

Fine selection of raw materials, high quality dyes in our polypropylene products production allows us to produce packaging for food and non-food products. The absolute tightness of our plastic containers extends the shelf life of any finished product.

Our polypropylene products are suitable for storage, recycling, transportation of food, paints and varnishes as well as chemical products.

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